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ABOUT Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy

Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy, a member of the BioMatrix family of companies, has been in business for 28 years and has been specializing in fertility medications for 25 years. Two of our staff pharmacists are certified in the Infertility program presented by the American College of Apothecaries. This means that we are experts in fertility medications and can answer most of your questions about your drug therapy.

We have expanded our injectable services to include the complete line of Hepatitis C medications. Along with filling their prescriptions, patients are educated on the use and administration of their medications. Support is provided throughout therapy to help patients complete their treatment successfully.

Glen Rock Medical has a complete compounding lab and prepares numerous custom formulations pursuant to your doctor’s prescription. Fertility and infertility drugs; injectable medications are compounded under sterile conditions and consistently meet the highest standards for sterile products.

At Glen Rock Medical, you will find the personal touch. A pharmacist will speak to you regarding your prescriptions and insurance to facilitate filling your order quickly and efficiently. We accept most insurance plans.

Just call us at 201-444-3200 (toll-free 866-888-3200) for an introductory consult and a free insurance screening.


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