Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy Earns both URAC and PCAB Accreditations

Accreditation by URAC and PCAB demonstrates Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy’s ongoing commitment to the highest level of quality as a specialty pharmacy serving patients, prescribers, and payers.

Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy which is part of the Elwyn Pharmacy Group, announces today that URAC as well as PCAB, two of the largest accrediting bodies for health care, have given its seal of approval by accrediting it through a rigorous on-site process.  This most recent accreditations from URAC and PCAB add to a prestigious list of accreditations Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy already maintains, including accreditation from ACHC.

It is an honor to achieve full URAC accreditation at Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy.  This accreditation displays our commitment to quality and excellence in providing the highest level of customer service possible to our fertility and specialty patients as well as referral sources.  We are so proud of our Glen Rock team members for their hard work and dedication to our mission which made this monumental task a reality (“Our goal is to achieve optimal patient outcomes through compliance and delivery of individualized medication therapy management in an environment that maximizes patient satisfaction and adherence”) says Nicholas Karalis, RPh, President CEO at Elwyn Pharmacy Group

URAC and PCAB, two industry leaders for health care accreditation, are two independent, nonprofit organizations that provide benchmarking services throughout the health care system. Both the URAC and PCAB accreditation processes included a review of all of Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy policies and procedures as well as an onsite visit to confirm that the operations at Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy do, in fact, conform to all documented submitted policies and procedures. A committee of health care experts developed the URAC and PCAB standards, which are updated every three years.

Since URAC as well as PCAB are independent accrediting body’s patients, referral sources as well as other customers can feel confident that the accreditation process is impartial and not influenced by any other outside industry interests. Accreditation from URAC and PCAB serves as a symbols of excellence and demonstrates to patients, providers, and insurance payers that Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy as an independently owned and operated company is committed to operating at strict quality standards.

About Part Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy part of The Elwyn Pharmacy Group:
At Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy we provide medications, under a comprehensive umbrella of medication therapy management, to people living with many complex disease states. We specialize in fertility services and are also a part of the Design RX network.  We understand the complexity of managing patients’ medication and that treatment paradigms vary greatly and are highly individualized. Our patient-centered approach enables us to adapt and customize a collaborative medication therapy management plan for every patient.  It is our goal to ensure treatment success and patient safety with the highest level of focus, care and compassion possible.

Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy is part of the Elwyn Pharmacy Group and provides a complete range of specialty pharmacy services   In addition to fertility we also treat a wide array of complex disease states such as Hepatitis C, Oncology/Cancer, bleeding disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis. Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy, a privately-held, pharmacist-owned company located in Glen Rock, NJ, is accredited by URAC, PCAB and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). For more information about Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy or Elwyn Pharmacy Group please contact us at 1-855-ELWYN-RX (359-9679) or visit us on the web at or


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