Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy compounds prescription medications that are not available commercially. Natural hormone replacement therapies, oral solutions & suspensions for pediatric, neonatal and veterinary use and injectable medications prepared in a variety of bases to address sensitivity issues make up a large portion of our compounded medications because we can tailor the components to the needs of the patient. Some medications may require individualized dosing or a different dosage form than the commercial product. Frequently, a commercial product that is temporarily unavailable due to production problems or supply/demand issues can be compounded in our lab. Whatever the reason, the prescriptions you need can be compounded for you.

We prepare a wide variety of dosage forms to meet the needs of our patients. Following is a list of the dosage forms that we prepare:

  • Oral capsules
  • Vaginal capsules
  • Suppositories
  • Oral solutions & suspensions – with attention to flavoring (special flavoring for veterinary products)
  • Injectable intramuscular & subcutaneous solutions
  • Topical creams & gels

We can speak directly to your physician’s office to discuss the prescription, or we can fill your prescription according to your doctor’s written order. Prescriptions can be called or faxed in.

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