Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatment includes a wide variety of medications that are routinely used during the assisted reproductive cycle. Each medication prescribed has a specific purpose, and like the pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, fit together to produce the desired response. At Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy , you will find the medications your doctor has ordered available at all times. Our pharmacists are ready to speak with you regarding your order, and can explain how these medications will be used in your cycle.

We will do a free insurance screening to check on your insurance coverage. For patients who have to pay out-of-pocket for their fertility medications, we can offer several discount programs which pass on a considerable savings. You will find our prices competitive and our services complete. Your prescriptions can be called into us, faxed, or sent electronically from your doctor’s office. Completed orders include a private consultation in-person or via phone at no additional fee.  Take advantage of all that Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy has to offer.

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