Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy provides medication to people with Hemophilia and related bleeding disorders so they can get back to enjoying active, fulfilling lives. Hemophilia is a genetic disorder that occurs when the blood cannot sufficiently clot due to a lack of proteins used in clot formation. It results in prolonged bleeding after an injury and increases the risks of organ damage from internal bleeding. Additionally, Von Willebrand Disease results in symptoms such as nosebleeds, sensitivity to bruising and excessive bleeding during surgeries and related procedures. Though there currently are no cures for these bleeding disorders, they can be managed.

Our pharmacists are trained to provide patient education and counseling to ensure proper treatment. We use computerized medication profiles, which allow for ongoing monitoring of side effects and drug interactions. At Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy, our dedicated staff provides support, consultations and educational material to improve treatment compliance. We value education and communication so patients can understand their treatments to ensure better quality of life.

At Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy, we understand what you’re going through. Our pharmacists will help you break down the barriers that keep you from everyday living through quick and easy access to the treatments you need. Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy: partnering with you and your doctor to get your life back.

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